Best Online Typing Jobs and Data Entry Jobs Nigeria – 2022 Salary & Qualifications

Do you love working being done remotely and not at an office? Work from home is exactly what it means. So, how wonderful it could be if you can earn some extra income working from home and that too by doing some typing work! Yes, you can easily do typing work from home and earn some extra cash for your enjoyment. If you have that typing skills in you, there will be no problem for you to find various types of online typing jobs and that too based on working from home.

Online Typing & Data Entry Jobs
Online Typing & Data Entry Jobs

If you are a parent who just wants to stay at home but wants to earn some extra cash, can go for this option. Online typing jobs are not just meant for home parents, it’s also good and beneficial for students, and those who have retired from their full-time jobs but yet want to earn some income. Online typing jobs are just a great opportunity to make a lavishing living for the talented ones.

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What Are the Types of Online Typing Jobs ?

If you are interested in online typing jobs, you may find a lot of variations. There are a lot of types of tying jobs. Some of them make you earn more and some of them may need special training and education too.


Usually, online typing jobs may include simple data entry jobs and a lot of variation in transcription jobs. Some of the jobs may have a fixed time to be work and many of them may don’t have any fixed time and you can work any time based on your daily routine. So if you have some free time within your routine and you are fond of typing, you may make some extra money by just typing at home from your computer. Let’s now understand the types of online typing jobs in detail.


Data Entry Jobs

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Data entry is one of the simplest forms of typing work. It can be done by anyone and does not require any special education and training. All you need to know typing properly. Even if you are not very fast at typing, after joining the work, you can improve with time. You can even grab a data entry jobs without any special experience in the field.


A Data Entry job includes entering information from different sources into the organization’s computer system for handling and the board. If you are working in a data entry job, you should effectively deal with a lot of data that is regularly delicate or private. The uprightness of any organization depends on the information they produce which approves the significance of the Data Entry position. Any data inputted by the Data Entry group will at that point be utilized by others for reference or reports.


Before applying for any online data entry jobs, you must be very careful as there are a lot of scams involved in this job. You should apply for data entry jobs only with trusted companies and websites.


Transcription Jobs and Data Entry Jobs In Nigeria 2022

This type of online typing job requires some extra skills from the candidates. In transcription jobs, you not only need to have typing skills but also you have good listening skills.


You need to function as an expert typist who listens to recorded or live audio files and converts them into text format whatever they hear. They offer their administrations to the clinical, lawful, and general transcription industry. Transcription requires precision, watchfulness, privacy, and the capacity to work rapidly and proficiently while complying with time constraints and delivering transcripts that are top-notch. Your work should be definite and satisfy the most noteworthy guidelines. On the off chance that you like the pay attention to details and want to meet or surpass your customer’s desires, at that point transcription job is for you.


Earning with Online Typist Jobs

Basically there no exact limit to earning money from an online typing job. The earning of a person will totally depend on his/her capabilities. Data entry jobs pay less amount as compared to other online typing jobs. On the other hand, transcription jobs will give you more income. Among transcription jobs, the general and legal transcription jobs will pay less whereas medical transcription jobs have higher income capacity.


With data entry jobs, you will earn $300 to $500 per Months. The amount will completely depend on the type of company, the level of work, and your skills.


In transcription jobs, you can earn up to $13 to $25 per hour. In transcription jobs, you will be paid on the basis of pay per audio minute or per word of work. In this job, if you type fast, you will be paid more.


Steps To Apply For Online Typing Jobs

Many freelance websites allow you to create your profile and bid for projects. Your first task is to make your profile attractive so that clients want to work with you. Mention Your skills very well while creating your profile. Initially charge less per hour basis. Once you start taking projects, then increase your rate.


Some of the best websites you can try with.




Note: It is essential to create your profile wisely.


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